School Dessert Catering

Mahalo Shave Ice

When the Mahalo Shave Ice truck pulls up at your school event, your students, teachers, and families know they’re in for a special treat. Although popcorn, pizza, and other standard go-tos are great for everyday celebrations and accomplishments, our authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice will help you express your pride and appreciation on another level. Whether you’re hosting a school fundraiser or rewarding students for a job well done, Mahalo Shave Ice school catering is here for you. Hawaiian Shave Ice will help make your event one to remember.

Shave ice class parties

Kids love Shave Ice, and teachers do too! If you have a standout class that deserves some special attention and appreciation, we at Mahalo want to help you celebrate them.  We can bring the shave ice to the classroom, or you can bring the students out to receive their goodies at the Mahalo Shave Ice truck. Either way, you can count on us to put all our love into the frosty, fun treats your class deserves.

Teacher and staff rewards

Teachers and school staff work so hard, and words fail to accurately express the depth of appreciation that families and administrators have for them. But an afternoon with Mahalo Shave Ice school catering is a great start.  We’re happy to bring our fluffy ice and delicious syrups right into the meeting rooms at school conferences, to the banquet hall at teacher-appreciation lunches, or into the teachers’ lounge on campus. Wherever and whenever you want to reward your teachers and staff with authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice, just call Mahalo!

Special school events

Mahalo Shave Ice makes any school event just a little more special. Yes, it’s partly because everyone loves the ritual of choosing a flavor combo, tasting sweet syrups, and feeling cold ice melting on their tongue. But at Mahalo, we also believe that our Shave Ice makes events extra special because we help spread the Aloha. You can call on Mahalo for school catering for all types of special events, including:

San Diego families know that when a school event features Mahalo Shave Ice, it’s going to be a fun one. 

Our Catering Menu

Our shave ice menu will be a special attraction at any school event. Your school community will love our perfectly shaved ice, high quality flavors lovingly crafted with cane sugar, and all our delicious toppings. For school dessert catering that brings people together and shows how much you care, try Mahalo Shave Ice.

Our catering menu includes:

  • Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice
    • Shave ice combos
    • Build your own combo
  • Dole Bowl
  • Dole Whip
  • Acai Bowls

Whether you’d like to serve a few items from our menu, all of them, or maybe even create a flavor combination unique to your school colors, we’re happy to tailor a menu to suit your school event.

Let us help bring the Aloha to your next school event!

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